What To Pack For a PGL/School Camp Holiday

Hands up if your child is off to camp this summer and you are looking for ideas on What To Pack For a PGL/School Camp Holiday

In this post today, I am going to be sharing some tips and tricks on how to pack for school camp and keep baggage to a minimum. My first camping trip away from my home was when i was just 7 years old. I still remember being super sad when my Mum practically threw my Sister and I on to the awaiting coach and hurried off whilst smirking silently. I also remember the freedom of the woods, new friends and the smell of iced buns and hot chocolate around the camp fire. The old fashioned canvas tents were quite barbaric back then, some thirty odd years ago. Zipping our sleeping bags together, doubling up for warmth as well as keeping sweets secure in a tin from scrounging squirrels, actually taught me a few life skills from a very young age. read more